Donald T. Greenwood Collegiate Professor of Engineering and an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in Mechanical Engineering.  Research interests draw from the fields of computational and nonlinear dynamics with applications to wireless inertial sensors for human motion analysis, the mechanics of single molecule DNA and DNA/protein complexes, and structural dynamics.

Stephen M. Cain

Assistant Research Scientist


Research interests include development and use of novel experimental methods and instrumentation to quantify changes in biomechanics that accompany learning, adaptation, or fatigue; human/bicycle dynamics; human gait; human balance; sports biomechanics; MEMS inertial sensor applications.

Steven Davidson

Former Research Coordinator

Currently, Medical Student, University of Michigan Medical School


Research interests are focused on using wireless sensors to quantify human performance biomechanics in unconstrained environments, specifically applied to sports and the military. Additional interests include the risk assessment, morphological development, and biomechanics of lower limb ligament injury during adolescence.

Antonia Zaferiou

Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Currently Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Stevens Institute of Technology


Interested in understanding human control and dynamics in order to develop technology and interventions that improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Applications in sports, dance, and pre/rehabilitation are most captivating, with particular focus on turning mechanisms and biofeedback. 

Lauro Ojeda

Associate Research Scientist


Lauro Ojeda is an Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Michigan. He has over 18 years of experience in the fields of inertial sensing, sensor data fusion, estimation techniques, Kalman filtering, biomechanics and human gait analysis. He started his career in the field of robot localization systems to later move to human positioning estimation. He was the first to propose a practical approach for inertial-based personal localization, which is currently used widely across the world. His work on foot tracking algorithms is being use in unrestrictive gait analysis that is currently being used by several research groups at the University of Michigan as well as other research centers and commercial companies.

Neda Maghsoodi

PhD Student and Research Assistant

My primary research interest focuses on the application of nonlinear dynamics in exploring the function of sophisticated biological nanomachines such as DNA genome delivery machines of bacterial viruses. Additional interests include structural dynamics and vibrations, structural health monitoring, smart materials and structures, and medical device design.

Rachel V. Vitali

PhD Student and Research Assistant

Research interests include computational and analytical dynamics with applications to wearable sensing technology for analysis of human motion, state estimation via sensor fusion techniques, and engineering education. Additional interests include sensing technology, control theory, structural vibrations, and acoustics.

Michael Potter

PhD Student and Research Assistant


Research interests include sports biomechanics, wearable sensors for human motion analysis, elite sports performance, and sports injury.

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